WMC Couponing Spreadsheet – Excel

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The WMC Couponing Spreadsheet is an absolute invaluable tool for your coupon shopping! It does the "thinking" for you and makes both list preparation and shopping a breeze.

Here's how:
There is a tab for each store. Input your store's information, including coupon policies, just once at the top. Thereafter, the calculations are automatic. You will simply enter:

  • Item
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price
  • Coupon info
Based on the criteria you entered for your store (i.e. whether they double/triple coupons, if so how much, and number of like coupons accepted), the calculations will be automatic, letting you know the final price of each item. Based on this, you can decide your "Quantity", and your shopping list is complete! You are able to see your before and after savings , and know exactly what you will spend before you even get to the store. This helps keep you within budget and avoid spontaneous spending!
An optional "Aisle" column also allows you to put in the store aisle, allowing you to sort the list by aisle so you can shop from top to bottom of your list.
After shopping, you may enter your actual transaction totals on the "YTD" tab. Doing so will track your YTD savings and show this information on all the store tabs.
A built-in Tutorial explains each field should you have any questions.

See "Device & Software Compatibility" if you are not sure whether this will work on your device or with your app.


**Your download will be available under "Downloads Management" after your transaction is complete. You will also receive an email receipt containing the link.**

Device & Software Compatibility

Many of you have inquired about compatibility with different platforms. I’ve attempted to test various platforms and applications before making recommendations here. Theoretically, any device which can open/edit an Excel file should be able to run the spreadsheet, but because there are a number of apps that claim to do this here are my thoughts on those I have tried:

MS Office with Excel: Works perfectly. If you have an older version of Excel and find that it does not want to play well with this file, simply email me for a simple solution.

MS Works: May open the file, but some functionality may be lost. I do not guarantee it to work with MS Works.

Open Office: Some users have reported success on their PC with the free Open Office software, but I noticed that some of the more complex formulas do not always calculate properly with Open Office.

Documents to Go: This app has worked great for me on every platform on which I have tried it. I have not found any incompatibility issues. If you do not have Excel, I recommend this app. It is available in 2 versions - the cheaper basic version is sufficient to operate Excel.

Office2 HD: Opens the file, and it seems that everything works except the double coupons function. If you will need the double/triple coupon formulas to work, this is not the app for you. (Side note - I have reported this bug to the Office2 HD development team and they acknowledge that it is indeed an issue with their app, but evidently not high enough on the priority list to fix just yet.)

Additional compatibility notes:
Samsung Galaxy tablet: While I do not have experience with this tablet, a user reported needing to download an app called "All Files Download" in the market, which then allowed the tablet to download the file from here.

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