WMC Couponing Spreadsheet

The WMC Couponing Spreadsheet is now available for download! This spreadsheet has been an absolute invaluable tool to me in shopping and keeping couponing simple. You will find that it saves time in both preparing your shopping trip and while in the store.

The WMC Couponing Spreadsheet is designed to be flexible, adapting not only to your shopping habits but to your store’s coupon policies. I personally visit my store for a quick walk-through as soon as their sale starts, listing each sale item and its price on the spreadsheet. Then, after returning home, I am able to match coupons at my leisure and decide quantities. The spreadsheet will track my subtotal and out-of-pocket total with each adjustment, so I know exactly what I will spend before even leaving home.

Its flexibility allows you to plug in information regarding your store’s coupon policies only once at the top, then you don’t have to even think about it anymore – the spreadsheet does the thinking for you! Does your store double or triple coupons? If so, up to how much? Is there a limit to the number of like coupons per transaction? The spreadsheet absorbs it all! Have a coupon for $1 off 3 items? No problem! Got ya covered.

The spreadsheet is available for download in both Excel and Numbers formats. For complete information, visit the Working Mom Coupons Couponing Spreadsheet Page.


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