Please leave a comment stating your location (City), which stores in your area double coupons, and what is their policy regarding such (i.e. how much do they double, are there item limits, coupon limits, etc.) I will list the information you provide as a database to assist other shoppers.

Note that I am not personally guaranteeing any information shared here. However, because store policies seem to be constantly evolving, I find that I can’t always rely on what I read online. This will provide some real-time insight from shoppers who actually patronize these locations.

Stop and Shop doubles up to $0.99. Awesome! –Thanks Heather!

Branford:   Big Y doubles up to $0.99, with a limit of 5 like coupons per customer per ad week.  Shop Rite doubles up to $0.99, with a limit of 4 like coupons per day.  Stop & Shop doubles up to $0.99, with a limit of 4 total coupons doubled, and has a limit of 16 like coupons per transaction.  –Thanks Sal!


  1. stop and shop
    up to .99

    it seems, (and I’m new at this, so I could be wrong) that what the store does is to take the coupon off twice, as long as it’s .99 or less. i.e. a .75 shows up as -.75 and then -.75 again.

    happy couponing!

  2. Sal Squailia says:

    Branford, CT

    Big Y doubles up to $0.99, limits identical coupons to 5 per customer per ad week.

    Shop Rite doubles up to 4 identical coupons per day, up to $0.99

    Stop & Shop doubles up to $0.99, but only up to 4 coupons. Allows up to 16 identical coupons total to be used.

  3. Susan Parker says:

    Do you have a price guarantee?
    Yes. Our Company is committed to 100% price accuracy.

    Our Company guarantees that all items will scan accurately. If any item scans higher than the price marked, advertised, unit price tagged or signed, you are entitled to one unit of the item FREE. Any additional items of the same product in the order will be honored at the lower price.

    Alcohol, tobacco, milk, pharmacy items and other products restricted by the state are not included. Obvious or gross errors defined as items priced at less than half of the actual selling price are not included. As required by law, bottle deposits and taxes for free items must be paid by the customer.