Please leave a comment stating your location (City), which stores in your area double coupons, and what is their policy regarding such (i.e. how much do they double, are there item limits, coupon limits, etc.) I will list the information you provide as a database to assist other shoppers.

Note that I am not personally guaranteeing any information shared here. However, because store policies seem to be constantly evolving, I find that I can’t always rely on what I read online. This will provide some real-time insight from shoppers who actually patronize these locations.

Bay City, Saginaw, & Essexville: Meijer’s doubles up to $0.50 on up to 3 like items. Kroger doubles up to $1 on up to 3 like items per transaction. Nice! –Thanks Kelli!

Birmingham, Bloomfield, Southfield, Royal Oak: Meijer and Kroger both double up to $0.50. Meijer has a limit of 2 like q’s per transaction, and Kroger a limit of 3. –Thanks Jennifer!

Genessee County (Flint, Mt Morris, etc): Kroger doubles up to $1.00, with a limit of 3 like coupons per transaction. Spartan stores (VG’s, etc) doubles up to $1.00, with a limit of 3 like coupons per family per day. Both take internet printables. –Thanks Becky!

Monroe County: Kroger, Meijer, Busch’s, and Food Town double up to $0.50. See Monroe on a Budget’s notes below. –Thanks Monroe on a Budget!


  1. kelli says:


    Bay City: Meijers doubles to $0.50 and will double up to 3 like coupons
    Bay City, Saginaw and Essexville Kroger: Double up to $1 (yeah!!!), and will double up to 3 like coupons in one transaction.

  2. A summary for the Monroe County, Mich., area:

    Kroger in Monroe and Dundee is doubling up to 50 cents, paper coupons only (digital coupons will not double).
    Meijer in Monroe is doubling up to 50 cents.
    Busch’s in Carleton will double up to 50 cents, shopper card required.
    Food Town in Monroe is doubling up to 50 cents, be aware the Food Towns are independently owned and I haven’t recently checked on the other regional stores.

    I don’t have the policies as they pertain to the number of identical coupons. It’s usually 2 or 4.

    There have been / are no double dollar stores in Monroe County, Mich. There are some super doubles taking place in Toledo (that will be on your Ohio feed, I’m sure).

  3. Jennifer says:

    Birmingham, Bloomfield, Southfield, Royal Oak, MI:

    Meijer – 2 “like” coupons up to $.50 will double in a single transaction.

    Kroger – 3 “like” coupons up to $.50 will double in a single transaction.

  4. Becky says:

    Genessee County (Flint, Mt Morris, ect) Kroger will double coupons up to 1.00. 3 like will double per transaction. Spartan Store’s (VG’s ect) will double coupons up to 1.00, 3 like coupons per family per day. Both take internet printables but no stacking.

  5. Kady says:

    Do you know of the best place for doubling in macomb county mi?

  6. Bonnie S says:

    I live in Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI where using, let alone doubling coupons is rare here. We don’t have a Kroger’s in the area, (I know I was bummed to find that out.) We do have meijers, walmart, FamilyFare, D&W. I would very much appreciate your help in this endeavor, being a new couponer I have spent a few more hours chasing my tale than actually getting somewhere… thank you for this website it has been a great aid to me. Happy couponing!!

  7. Adrienne R. says:

    Anything in Northern Michigan – more specific the Traverse City area?

  8. Traci Davies says:

    Kroger in Owosso (Shiawassee County), Swartz Creek (Genesee County) & Howell (Livingston County), MI all will double up to $1.

    “My” store is the Owosso Kroger. They have a limit of 3 coupons per like item. You have to be careful and pay close attention if you are using coupons of different values for the same type of item as they will not double if you don’t do it properly. For example, I had coupons for Crest, 3 for $1 off 1, 3 for $1 off 2. I just grabbed 9 of the same formula/flavor toothpaste and found out that 3 of my coupons would not double since I was buying all of the same type. The cashier told me if I had different formulas, then the coupons would double so I went back and grabbed what I needed to make it work so that all doubled. Also, they have became very strict about their printable/internet coupons… Only 2 allowed PER BRAND and they do not double ANY internet coupons. So, say I have printables for Snausages Dog treats and printables for Del Monte fruit. I could only get one of each as they are both made by Del Monte. Absolutely no stacking allowed either.

  9. Marrilee says:

    Super K-Mart in Port Huron has double coupons to $1 this week only on Wednesday and Saturday only. Feb. 15th and 18th 2012.

  10. mary says:

    Kroger in Mt.Pleasent is the only one I know of

  11. mary says:

    I go to Harding in otsego they double coupons up to .50 no limit and they have great meat deals twice a year it might be a long ride for thoes who live in Grand Rapids but its worth it and a nice drive