Please leave a comment stating your location (City), which stores in your area double coupons, and what is their policy regarding such (i.e. how much do they double, are there item limits, coupon limits, etc.) I will list the information you provide as a database to assist other shoppers.

Note that I am not personally guaranteeing any information shared here. However, because store policies seem to be constantly evolving, I find that I can’t always rely on what I read online. This will provide some real-time insight from shoppers who actually patronize these locations.

Chester: Farmers Foods in Hopewell doubles up to $1.00! Kroger and Martins also double. –Thanks Shawn!

Midlothian: Kroger doubles up to $0.50. –Thanks Debra!

Norfolk, VA Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth: Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh double up to $0.99 every day and up to $1.00 on Wednesday. Harris Teeter offers triple coupons on occasion.
Kroger doubles up to $0.50. –Thanks Joanna!

Richmond: Kroger doubles coupons. Toni notes that e-Coupons and paper coupons may be combined, but I believe that policy has since changed and only one coupon may be used per item. –Thanks Toni!

Roanoke: Kroger doubles up to $0.50. –Thanks April!

Strasburg: Martin’s doubles up to $1.00. –Thanks Bridget!

Williamsburg: Bloom doubles every Tuesday up to $1.99 (no overage allowed). –Thanks Mackita!


  1. Toni says:

    Kroger in Richmond doubles coupons. But you can use their electronic coupon and paper coupon.
    Example guldons mustard on sale 1.70 electronic coupon on the kroger card .35 printed off a coupon .35 doubled so 1.05 off paid .65 cents!!!

  2. Joanna says:

    Norfolk, VA Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth
    Harris Teeter and Farm Fresh Double up to .99 everyday. Then on Wednesday they will double everything up to $1.
    Harris Teeter even has triple coupon events on occasion.

    Kroger doubles, but only up to 0.50. The Kroger near me will not allow you to use the e-coupon and a paper coupon. I never save big when I go to Kroger.

  3. Mackita says:

    I live in Williamsburg and mainly shop @ Bloom – they double every Tuesday up to $1.99!!! which is great!! They do not allow overage though so if the item is $1.49 and your Q is for $1/1, then that Q is only going to double to $1.49, making the item FREE but no overage to help pay for other items.
    Farm fresh has great deals as well as Joanna stated above. I never pay for toothpaste or salad dressings! hehehehe… and I just got 15 boxes of Playtex tampons for free!! :)

  4. April says:

    Kroger in Roanoke doubles up to and including $0.50 but does not double e coupons

  5. KerriC. says:

    I live in Southwest Virginia in Wythe county…but have no stores in the county that i know doubles. I use Kroger in Radford, VA….and the Wades stores in Christiansburg and Dublin. There is a coupon friendly discount grocery store in Wytheville called Super Dollar. The have limitless coupons per transaction, but do not double at this time. But their prices are so low (the lowest that i have found in VA) that it’s like doubling anyway. Plus, they have a permanant “Buy 10 items, get $5 or $10 off of your transaction (depending on the items you purchase). There is alimit of 5 of these discounts per person per day…but WOW…it doesn’t get much better than that! I never walk out of that store paying over $25 for an entire cart of items.

  6. debra reynolds says:

    I shop mainly at Krogers in Midlothian, they double up to .50, i have stopped using the e-coupon where they load them on your card, because it does not double and if i have a better paper coupon, it uses the e coupon and I dont get the best deal…but all said I love Kroger, i save a ton there by combining store deals with great coupons. Yesterday I got 6 huggies wipes for 3.00,on the buy 5 and get 5.00 off instantley. that lowered the price to 1.49, which of course i had .50 coupon that doubled to a dollar which made them .49…that is a deal, of course i stocked up, cuz im a mimi!!!!!!

  7. Shawn B says:

    I’m in Chester,VA. Farmers Foods in Hopewell doubles up to $1.00 off, super fresh, reasonably priced meats. Worth the drive. Kroger doubles, but insanely crowded all the time. Martins doubles and has great sales. Happy Couponing!

  8. Bridget says:

    I live in Strasburg, Va and Martin’s doubles up to $1.00 and they are always having great sales.

  9. deanna says:

    in richmond kroger will not let you use the kroger card coupon and printed off coupon together anymore. when i asked they said they change it two weeks ago.

  10. Kenya says:

    SHOPPERS will double the value of valid manufacturers’ coupons with a face-value of up to 99¢ (example: 25¢ = 50¢, 50¢ = $1.00, 75¢ = $1.50.) Valid manufacturers’ coupons with a face-value of $1.00 or greater will be redeemed at face-value only (example: $1.00 = $1.00, $1.50 = $1.50, $2.00 = $2.00.) Buy One, Get One Free coupons will NOT be doubled. Manufacturers’ coupons may be obtained from the newspaper, mailers or Internet. Coupons must contain valid redemption information and a valid bar code (UPC) to be honored. We reserve the right to limit manufacturers’ coupons eligible for “doubling” purposes to four (4) identical coupons.